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When’s your next payday? Do you know that some people take advantage of their paydays to manage their finances? The sad reality of life is that millions of Americans are struggling financially. Even if they have stable jobs, their income isn’t enough to sustain their lifestyle. When your expenses exceed your income, it’s going to be a huge problem for you both short-term and long-term. If you don’t have a concrete plan, it wouldn’t take long before you’ll be buried in debt. Spare yourself from future stress by learning how to manage your finances today.

The following are tips that will help you manage your money better.

First and foremost, identify what areas in your life needs special attention. List down 2 to 3 of the biggest financial struggles you are currently facing. Whether it’s paying the bills or cutting down on your credit card debt, focus on those. You won’t be able to address a problem unless you know what it is. Keep your attention on these two so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Secondly, try to maintain a positive outlook. We understand that dealing with finances can be daunting, exasperating, frustrating and discouraging but for now, put these negative emotions aside and replace them with a positive mindset to keep you motivated. Remember, the more you wallow in sorrow and misery the higher your debt is going to be. So instead of feeling hopeless why don’t you look for ways to pay off your debts? Keeping a positive attitude while going through a financial crisis will help you overcome it.

Thirdly, keep your options realistic. We understand that you want to be debt-free ASAP but in order to make that happen you have to set realistic goals. For example, you can’t cut back on your expenses 50% if your monthly income is just about enough to pay the bills. However, what you can do is identify unnecessary expenses and cut back on those like if you subscribed to a postpaid plan but you rarely make calls because you use the Internet to communicate with your customers then it’s only logical to cut your subscription. You could also end a cable subscription if you’re rarely at home and you seldom watch TV.

Another smart move is to apply for a payday loan instead of other loans because the interest rate is cheaper and you are confident that you’ll be able to pay it off since they’ll be calculating the amount based on how much money you earn every payday.

Fourth, maximize your income. It’s not true that you don’t have enough. If you create a budget plan and adjust your lifestyle based on how much money you are making, you’ll be surprised to discover that you can actually live comfortably despite spending less. Focus on having a savings plan. Learn to sacrifice. For instance, seeing a SALE sign outside stores does not give you an excuse to spend money on stuff you don’t need. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it. Spend your money wisely. Make a list of fixed expenses such as electricity, water bill, grocery bill and the like. Once you’ve made that list the rest is considered miscellaneous. This means that you should only spend when you have enough to spare.


It’s not always going to be easy. Trust us, there will be times when you’ll be tempted to splurge because you’re stressed or burnt out. Just remember to go back to your goals. What do you want to achieve? It really makes a big difference if the goals you set are realistic, otherwise, your plans will only be short-lived and it will not help you in any way.

James is the owner of the website Cashonyourmobile.net.au, which helps people find short term loans for their various needs.

James COYM

James is the owner of the website Cashonyourmobile.net.au, which helps people find short term loans for their various needs.

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